EZ LiveBET has more IN-PLAY offerings than
any other platform covering all major sports.

About Us

EZ LiveBET is committed to providing bookmakers a state of the art fully automated platform for providing In-Play wagering across all sports. Our development team is committed to providing our clients with the best product and adding more features to keep your end product ahead of the competition. Our data is disseminated to you quickly and securely providing you with the opportunity to offer events never before imagined.

A sportsbook cannot compete in today’s market by only offering traditional live wagering during stoppage of play and commercials. This method of dealing live betting means that your business is missing out on HUGE profits. You are limiting your clients to 1% of the betting opportunities during a game when you restrict betting to only be available during breaks. You cannot fully reach your potential by employing this traditional strategy. Do not be left behind, upgrade your In-Play wagering offerings today.

With our game changing animation for almost every event, your customers will stay engaged in the action and make more bets, increasing your handle and bottom line significantly. A premium In-Play wagering option is critical for your company to retain current clients and maximize your profit potential. The increase in volume will show up in your bottom line immediately.

Gone are the days where a sportsbook had to have extra lines team members just to babysit In-Play offerings. EZ LiveBET handles the workload for your organization and allows you to offer the best IN-PLAY betting offerings with animation at a very low cost. This is a a FULL SERVICE solution that allows you to focus on your business.